Jakmister 2.6m³/min 600watts/15000 RPM /80 Miles Per Hour/Vacuum Cleaner/Dust Cleaner/ Air Blower

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This Jakmister 600 Watts Air Blower includes vacuum bag for suction.
600W motor produces 15,000 RPM and an AIR speed of 80 Miles Per Hour
Lock on button for constant air flow and can be used as a VACUUM CLEANER
Amazing air blowing speed of 80 Miles/Hr (2.6m3/min) in a compact, easy to handle size
Great electric broom for garage floor, sidewalks, clearing dust from computers and saw dust from power tools, or a touch-less dry on your car
Easy to service and change carbon brush design. NOTE : CHANGE CARBON BRUSH REGULARLY TO AVOID DAMAGE TO MOTOR




Jakmister Air blowers:

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Air blower is used for evacuating dusts and small particles out of small crevices and spaces. Those spaces which are difficult to reach. Its for people who hate specks of dust and filth around.  The dust blower is useful for ultra cleaning of your home. With high power and efficiency these air blower are multiple use and flexible in use. The blower has got dual function of cleaning and dusting. There is speed control and easy to change carbon brush which makes cleaning much more easy. Its light weight ergonomic handle design make it versatile and compatible to your needs .

Types of air blower:

There are many different types of air blowers available in the market. These are designed as per the user’s convenience and use.

For cleaning purpose there are two types of air blowers dust blowers, leaf blowers. The blowers we use for cleaning purpose are centrifugal blowers. These are high speed blades to provide ample velocity to the flowing air.  Blade orientations vary in each type. Blade orientations are curved , backward , forward , and radial. Fan speed can be varied by adjusting resizing sheaves using speed drives. Wattages: 500W, 600W, 700W

Where to buy air blowers online :

Different types of air blowers are available online. Various e retail ventures,, are major online stores to purchase air blowers online. Discounts are also available. Different payment options with minimal delivery cost also provide extra benefits for online shopping of air blowers.

Different wattages in air blower: Air blowers are available in different wattages to maximize the working. It comes from 200 watt upto 700 watts. It is very safe and compatible as per domestic use. These have both cordless and corded types which make them perfect for short and long distance usage.

How to use air blower and dust bag : It is very easy to use every type of dust blowers. These are easily adjustable and can be manipulated with buttons and switches available on the device. These are used to clean PCs , outdoors , and small sofa crevices which are often difficult to reach. These even help you discover several small stuff like hair pins ,coins etc which get trapped in the sofa crevices. The dust bag is provided to collect dust while cleaning. This can be easily discarded later on.

Blower blade : Forward curved or Backward inclined are blades in general used in centrifugal blowers.  The Forward curved blades are more significant as they move more air . Backward blades are lower in efficiency. Radial blades are also used in the air blowers which have neither forward or backward inclination , thus these are auto cleaning attribute which promote cleaning of dirt automatically.There are several main attributes of the blower :

Flow range :  The amount of air which blows through cubit meter area per minute (cbm/min) is flow range of air blower.

Features: Diffusers, louvers, dampers etc are available option to select from.

These are main attributes to check while buying air blowers.

Dust blower: This helps you clean crevices and smaller areas which are difficult to reach in general. Example inside computer chassis there are many places which difficult to clean mechanically by hands or any duster. There are portable blower of 600- 700 watt which are flexible and easy to use and handle.

Leaf blower : In windy or stormy weather many times leaves from garden enter your room , halls or outdoor areas , these are often difficult to clean and manage. Therefore it is necessary to have something to quickly get rid of these leaves without much hassle. So in such a situation leaf blowers are the best option.There are many variations in this outdoor equipment.  Cordless, gas, hybrid, electric are few categories of leaf blowers.  On the basis of handling the blowers are backpack blower, walk behind blower, handheld blower, and vacuum blower.

Electrex model blower: It’s a light weighed electric model blower.

Chinese model blower: These are generally used in spa. 200 watt and above watts are available.

Jakmister Air Blower 600W with Vacuum Images:


Various uses of air blower:

  1. Computer sachets: Many times there have been times when you didn’t clean your computer shelf for weeks. Just to avoid the hassle. So here is a quick solution to your daily needs of ultra cleaning in quick way.
  2. Outlets : Its been long windy day , and you have just entered in your home. Your garden area and front door entrance is messed up with the leaves and dust. Now, here comes air blower in picture just switch it on and you can easily clean your outlet in few seconds without wasting much energy.
  3. Sofa and Dining area : Cleaning furniture is really a tough job. Reaching to those dusty crevices. Getting out dirt is always a complex task. So give yourself a cool deep breath now , because now you have easy solution to clean your sofa , just switch on the air blower and you are ready to go. Air blowers are designed with nozzle to reach smaller crevices. Place your order now to make your cleaning and dusting experience easier and fun.
  4. Bedrooms : To get dust out of your mattress , in your bedrooms this is the best product you can spend on.
  5. Cars : Car cleaning and dusting is always a weekend task. But with air blower now you can easily clean your car seats and doormats easily everyday. So place your order now for easier dusting solutions.
  6. Carpets : carpets are heavy and its always a difficult to get dirt out of them. Often the carpet cleaning task is held on weekends. It’s a procrastination job. If you opt to give your carpet for a laundry cleaning it may cost you heavy charges. So what’s the solution for easy , time saving and economical cleaning of your carpet? Its air and dust blower. With these dust blowers you can easily pull out dust from carpet. With dust blowers you can clean your carpet on daily basis. It is time saving and feasible option. It increases longevity of your carpet.
  7. Curtains : These are important part of your home decor. Untidy and dusty curtains destroy the interior of your home. Therefore these dust blowers is best option to make your curtains look dust free and shining. With this you can easily clean your curtains daily within few minutes. This will save cost of heavy laundry cleaning. It is easy and handy solution. If the curtains you are using are blackout curtains then task of getting dirt and dust out of them is more complex. In this case dust blowers can be a boon. Use dust blowers and your task becomes easy.
 Best Buy Amazon Links: 500W600WBlower With Vacuum



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