Architects whenever visit site they need to measure area to know accuracy of work of work going on there Manually or by traditional tools distance measuring is quite difficult and time consuming , so for that they need equipment which is reliable accurate and easily usable .BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER is perfect for-architects-who-visit site frequently band use laser measurement mainly in indoors.
BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER distance measurer is reliable because Bosch is renown brand in this field and manufacturing quality products from years. Bosch not only manufactures measures but also-offers digital-levels -rotatory-lasers -line-lasers ,point lasers , optical lasers and other measuring tools Users of Boschlasers are able to be more productive and profitable because of its great accuracy and line of various lasers. BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER Is best for architects ,those who want accuracy in their work as Bosch offers that accuracy and reliability to their users As Bosch has good track records which ensures reliable , efficient and quality products.
Features of BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER
1. Accuracy its accuracy 1.5 mm which is-more-than-enough for its user Bosch's products are known for its accuracy too As many company claims accuracy but few delivers it Bosch-GLM-50-is-a product which gives very accurate reading and is best for people who wants accuracy in their work.
2. Reliable it is reliable because company behind it is renowned for its reliable products Bosch manufactures quality laser As it-is-a-safe and excellent product for its users Bosch claims that it is jobsite It allows user to keep work simple
Easy to usebecause it comes with 5 measuring modes , 3 measuring reference points and accessories which are needed with it Its laser technology makes it easy operating and convenient for professional and non professional users
Ourableit is not only reliable product but is also durable because of its design and compact size It has soft grip around and soft buttons which makes it shock and drop proof up to certain height . It passed protection rating which approved it as dust and water proof product.
5. Reasonable price of it is pocket friendly Its reasonable price makes it best for users and for those who need durable and simple measuring laser for daily use on site In spite of being renowned company they kept its price reasonable and are offering high quality product at least price.
6. Backlit screenis like a support for its user because it helps in easy and convenient viewing This useful feature of Bosch GLM 50 Laser gives accurate and easy reading , specially in case of-low-or-no light. It has automatic deactivation feature to save power for long lasting results
7. Compact size it is light weighted and is small in size . Its compact size , slim and sleek design allows convenient carrying of it It is designed for professionals who want simple and durable laser measurer
BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER is a precision-laser measuring technology which measures up to the range of 50 meter with accuracy off.5 mm accuracy which is-more-than-enough for measurements that an architect needs. It has 5 measurement modes that is length -area ,-volume-continuous-measurement-and-indirect-length Apart from this it can also measure minimum or maximum , single indirect , double indirect stake out and angle This variant mode feature makes it versatile application for all its users As it can give reading of various direction up to the range of 50 meter which is quite big area for measurement pf interior In case of exterior it can be used in certain circumstances only
BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER has 3 measuring reference points which are from front of the unit , from back-of-the-unit , and from centre with optional tripod feature It also have automatic backlit display with 5 minutes automatic deactivation which saves energy and keeps it work for long hours This feature males it more useful in case of wide area measurements
It is a light weight application with compact and slim design It is a class 11 a laser product with more than 1 mw power output It has protection rating of IP 54 which makes it durable and long lasting even tough jobsites and conditions It has all round soft grip protection for long life and technical data protection It has round buttons with overlay of silicone to give best feel to its users . Its soft grip actually gives a feel that it can survive abuse and hard conditions too It is water resistant and drop resistant too up to 3 feet which makes it durable and long lasting application and is best for architects who need reliable and durable companion with them
Its compact size and light weight makes it carrying easy and hassle free for-architects-who-visits site regularly and for other users like interior designer , contractor For lover of simple and durable laser measurer Bosch GLM 50 laser is perfect as it has no so hi tech systems yet supports all kind of measures with large backlit which helps in getting result even in dim or no light
According to Bosch GLM50 laser is job site tested and is protected against dust and water. It is an useful and pocket friendly gadget for-architects-who-visits site on regular basis and wants accuracy in their work.
Bosch GLM 50 laserincludes a hand strap , 2 AAA batteries , quality tested belt pouch and manual booklet with it It has long lasting battery life and can be used at toughjobsite and conditions because of its exterior which is durable and long lasting Bosch laser comes with 6 months warranty which is applicable from date of invoice
BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER is for users who wants to work smarter and accurate In exterior if it is used with enhancement glass then it certainly it will help a lot and give almost accurate result. It is best suggested for user who needs laser measurer on daily basis
Bosch laser is good for all those users who don'twants to use more advance technology but goes for features which are easy to operate and gives accurate result in reasonable rate. It is actually an reliable companion for all dedicate and hardworking architects
BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER distance measurer is best if compared to other brands As Bosch offers what they claims , this product have more percentage of accuracy in comparison to other available laser measurer in market Bosch claims jobsite testing of product and it has IP 54 rating which makes it suitable for use in harsh and tough conditions of outdoor It has passed water and dust testing and is claimed shock and drop from 3 meter which is quite high for survival
It has all features which an architect needs in its application specially when they have to visit site regularly and have to work in rough conditions This product is for everyone because of its reasonable price which other companies doesn't not offers with all such features and such high quality Bosch is renowned from years for its high quality , durable and reliable products in this field