Bosch GLM 50 C Professional Laser Measure with Bluetooth and Backlight Display (Blue) Review

Bosch GLM 50 C Professional Laser Measure with Bluetooth and Backlight Display (Blue)

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  • Color: Blue
  • Item Dimension: 198.12mm x 121.92mm x 50.04mm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Range Finder with Batteries
  • 6 months warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Measuring distance extends to 165ft with 1/16th inch accuracy
  • Built-in inclinometer allows for advances features like angles, min/max, stake out and double indirect, functions include real-time length showing how distances move in relation to the target - length, area, volume and indirect
  • Easily organize, document and transfer information using free Bosch apps (measure and document and floor plan), handy pocket-size design

Product description

Whether it's the upgraded backlight color display or Bluetooth technology that's compatible with both Bosch free apps (measure and document and floor plan), this is a laser measure that's ready for anything. The Bosch GLM 50 C packs a lot of functions, including the basics of real-time length, length, area, volume and indirect. All-around soft grip protection on the GLM 50 C helps the device last longer by protecting it from damage. The laser measure's easy-to-use keypad ensures quick operation and the illuminated display provides better readability of measurements. The GLM 50 C can generate up to 10,000 measurements per battery supply. Range is 165 ft./50 meters.

Bosch GLM 50 Laser Review: 

Laser measures are best if you want some accurate values. If you are still unaware of working of laser measure then you are far away from accuracy. You should try the laser measure to get the right values. These laser measure project beam on the target object and they help to get the extremely accurate value of the measurement. You have to follow all the instructions before using any device. If you are confused that which measuring device would be the best choice then just try Bosch GLM 50 Laser Measure and you will find that it is best as compare to another devices as well as from its predecessors. Here you will find that how this Bosch measure is best with lots of new things added to it as compared to its predecessors. 
These laser measures are best when you don't have any help or you are working all alone. These make everything easy for the person that is handling it but you have to follow instructions to avoid any damage from the laser beam. When you use tape measures then you need the help of another person to handle it but in case of laser measure there is no need of other person and you can handle everything on your own. There is no need to wait for other to hold it up. Before giving any judgments you need to know about full specs of its So read the Bosch GLM 50 Laser Review: 

Specs of Bosch GLM 50: 

Before using any device you need to know everything about that device. This will help you to make everything easy while using that device. So, it's important to read Bosch GLM 50 Laser Review. When you want to measure something then you need everything extremely accurate from one end to another. The Bosch GLM 50 is considered best among its stable mates because it gives the best accuracy and it has 165' rang. There are some full specs that you need to know: 17 It can measure around distance 165 ft. And you will get ./- 1/16 in. accuracy with this measuring device. 

To increase the visibility you will get backlighting in this device. It has upgraded color display as compared to predecessors. 

There is Bluetooth Functionality available for the users. 

It is built with inclinometer that helps to measures angles of slope or tilts and double indirect measurements. 
Users will get the threaded hole for clamp mounting as well as for tripod. 

Per battery supply, it will generate 10,000 measurements. 

You can carry it easily because of its handy pocket- size design. 

Transferring information is easy because of the Bosch apps. 

Users don't get any problem if they are working in dark areas because of its backlighting. 

It can serve users with length, area, volume and real-time length. 

Size of Bosch GLM 50 C: 

Every user wants something that is handy and easy to carry. This laser measure will surely fulfill your desire for easy handling. This Bosch GLM 50 is the little and compact in size. It measures around 4.2 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches and its weight is less than four ounces. What else you need regarding size because this is the best compact device for users. 
Its snug-fitting canvas case is best to protect the device and also it has Velcro closure flap with belt hook. You will get two AAA batteries, a wrist strap, and five target cards with it. To know more about it you will get instruction manually as well as a quick-start guide. It will help you to handle it properly. You need to read it properly before using it to avoid any kind of inconvenience. 

The Bosch GLM 50 -A Superior Display: 

If you will compare it with its predecessor Bosch GLM 40 then you will find not many changes in its appearance. But in their features, there is a huge difference. GLM 40 is an excellent tool for the user and it is of 135' range that is less than the Bosch GLM 50 measures. If you will see at first glance then you will not find any difference but don't judge it on the bases of the appearance because it is the package of new features. 

This new version will kick up laser measure at a new level. If we talk about the previous version then there was a problem with its display. Its clarity was not that much good. People find the problem because of its tiny display. But now the clarity of Bosch GM 50 is amazingly clear. Any person that has vision problem can also read the numbers because now they are large in size and bold. '


There is another interesting feature regarding display for users and that includes an auto-rotating display. With this feature, you will find it very convenient to rotate when you will place it down on the floor on its sides then this feature helps to keep its display upright. With the help of this users never face any problem to reading the display. This will be very helpful and it will avoid any incorrect measurement as well.

Other Important Features: 

All the new features of the Bosch GLM 50 are best for the architects, construction project managers, and all the engineers related to building trades. The Bosch GLM 50 Laser Review will help you to get better ideas about the device. These all-new features make it popular among people. 

There are some more features that you need to know about this device and these features include: •

There are nine available functions in this device that area, volume, wall area, length, and three indirect measurements. There is the FUNC button on it and if you will press it then you will get a circular display of all the available functions. 

There is another function with the help of which you can store up last 30 measurements. This feature is very helpful for all the people. 

With the help of default function, you will able to get numbers when you will move toward or away from your target. 


With the help of the Bosch GLM 50 , it is quite easy to determine the point the laser measures from. You will also get the flexibility to measure from a tripod. 

In the new feature, you will also get the inclinometer that will also help you to know that you have held the tool accurately or not You can also place it on any surface and it will measure everything accurately. 

There is the other added feature that is Bluetooth functionality. With the help of this function, it is easy to send the measurements to the Smartphone or your tablets. You will able to organize it easily because of this feature. This is the best to use this classic laser measure as compared to others because of its best features. Here from Bosch GLM 50 Laser Review you can get the better ideas about the device and it will surely help you.