Electric Air Blower

With several electric air blowers currently available in the market choosing the best one can be a bit challenging. From large and powerful to cheap and cheerful, finding the perfect model for your needs requires a careful search. But how can you go about selecting one? Before anything else you need to ask yourself some of these questions...

Q1: How large is your garden?
Q2: How handy are you?
Q3: Where do you want to use it or what are your needs?
Q4: How much storage space do you have for your device?

While handheld blowers are the most common types for the home landscape, other models include wheeled, back up and walk behind models. These gasoline powered machines usually provide more comfort and power for use in extended areas. There are also others that can change to vacuums to allow you to collect light debris such as leaves and small twigs. In addition, there are string trimmers and show vacuums that can be converted to blowers.

Leaf blowers power options:

An electric air blower is a low maintenance blower that is quieter and lighter than their gasoline-powered counterparts. As compared to the gasoline ones, they are also very easy to start. They are divided into two major types namely the corded and the non-corded blowers. While the cordless blowers have good mobility they come with batteries that periodically needs charging hence you may need to have a spare battery. On the contrary, corded blowers have steady power but with restricted mobility. This means they can only clear areas and small yards which are near your house.

Features to consider:

Although using an air blower will help you deal with all the autumn leaves, choosing a bad model can make the work cumbersome. Here are some of the features to consider when looking for one
Noise level- Since states, neighborhoods, and cities can have different noise levels hence it's very important to consider the noise level of your blower. You need to pay attention to the product details so as to choose an electric air blower that does not exceed the noise limit. Thankfully, most electric blowers do not produce a lot of noise.

Narrow nozzle for blowing- Although most machines can blow leaves into piles, you need to choose one that can be quick and efficient and that requires very little effort from you A machine with a narrow nozzle is, therefore, preferable.

Waterproof collection bag- Ideally, you are supposed to collect the leaves when they are dry. However, sometimes the weather might not allow this hence it's very important to look for a blower that has a waterproof collection bag.

Easy access to the mulching blade- Since manhandling heavy and damp leaves can be a bit hard, you need to be able to vacuum the wet leaves. However, since blower vacs can clog, you need to choose one that can clear the blockages using the mulching blades.

Shoulder straps and comfortable handles- Since you have to support the blower and the bag, the ease of use, the weight of the machine, and the comfort of the handles are very important. You, therefore, need to look for a padded shoulder strap and soft grip handle.

Batteries and charges- If you are buying a cordless blower, it's very important to consider the batteries and the charger. If possible you may buy additional batteries especially if you are carrying out jobs that will take time to finish.