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Endico Wood Router:

Routing is a high speed process of cutting, trimming and shaping wood, metal, plastic and a variety of other materials. You must have wondered on the flawless pieces of art carved on wood, metal or some other material which appeals so much to you and it is hard to remember the actual form of the raw it required, the wood, the metals, which are not certainly this alluring. So here is when a router and routing takes place. A router is just a tool to implement routing, it is what makes the wood and other this smooth and shaped so well. So basically routers are meant to cut, trim and shape wood,plastic, metal and other materials.

A router set-up carries an air or electric driver, cutting tool called a router bit and a guide template. Fundamentally we are available with these two kinds of router, one which can be fixed on a table and the other which is handheld commonly called a hand router. The invention of the first ever handheld router took place way back in 1915 by Onsrund and was named Onsruter after him. With all its miscellaneous types of router bits, a router  tool is the most versatile tool for all sorts of work related to woodworking.

The type of router which is placed on the plane consists of a large wooden hand plane and a slim blade peep out of the plane.  It is helpful in making all kinds of patterns and wooden cuts for creating fixtures and furniture. On the counterpart we have this more versatile, smaller sized router called a router plane or a hand router which can effectively help in cutting large slabs of wood to make furnitures and fixtures, trimming the edges of finished furniture to add on an elegant appearance to lift up the wooden creation.

Besides, we are always permitted to make use of any of the two router to join two pieces of wood without the use of nails, brackets or adhesive. Apart from these two we can also consider another type of a router tool, the Spindle router.This type of router has a vertically set electric motor and a collet or holding device on its shaft. It is also divided into two sub-types, the plunge-base wood router and the fixed-base wood router.

It’s easy to find wood routers in most hardware stores. Initially, they may appear to be expensive, but if you consider its ease of use and extreme versatility, you’ll see that it’s really good value for money, particularly if you’re keen to take your hobby for woodcraft just a little further. Power wood routers are just right for professional woodworkers and are available everywhere. There are numerous uses of wood router behind cutting and trimming that can be presented to elucidate its significance like making perfect edges, producing dovetails, mortises and tenons, shaping stylish moldings of infinite varieties,cutting easy dados, rabbets and rebates, raised panel door and frames, cutting circles, recessing door hinges and many more.

Some materials that prove difficult to shape with other processes such as fiber-glass, kevlar and graphite can be shaped and finished neatly via various routing techniques. Cutaways, holes and conters can also be shaped using routers. Specially designed routers are also common in re-ceating beautiful patterns, cuts and elaborating the edges.

For these enormous ways of usinf a router tool, we are provide with this long range of router bits including fluted cutters used for edging and trimming, profile cutters popular for shaping and again, trimming, we also have helical cutters for cutting machine materials easily and for drilling and shaping purposes. More generally, we can have router bits like a dovetail router bit, V-groove bit, round-over bit, cove bit, straight bit, chamfer bit and the number goes on and on.

These more general types of bit are used accordingly as their name suggests like a dovetail bit is designed to make the cuts necessary for dovetail joints in woodworking or a straight bit is used to cut straight, precise lines through a section of wood, a cove bit manages to produce a curved channel along the edge of the wood and a V-groove allows to cut a groove with a sharp apex or to create a channel through a section of wood, a groove bit is needed.

Using a router is still a tchnical job but if you enjoy woodworking as hobby, you can always make-up with it. All you need is to understand the device and follow the rules. First it is required to insert a bit into the collet with the router unplugged and resting on a steady workbench, then tighten the collet nut and set the initial bit depth by pressing on the router until the bit touches the surface, and tighten the lock lever and then it says to set the depth stopper so as to get the desired deep cut in the wood and not more than that which can destroy the whole creation. And then all what follows is just to start the router with its full speed, use the handles to control and GET SET GO routing  your willful carvings!