Bosch GLM 50 C Professional Laser Measure with Bluetooth and Backlight Display (Blue) Review

Bosch GLM 50 C Professional Laser Measure with Bluetooth and Backlight Display (Blue)

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M.R.P.:   14,000.00 
Price:   8,700.00
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  • Color: Blue
  • Item Dimension: 198.12mm x 121.92mm x 50.04mm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Range Finder with Batteries
  • 6 months warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Measuring distance extends to 165ft with 1/16th inch accuracy
  • Built-in inclinometer allows for advances features like angles, min/max, stake out and double indirect, functions include real-time length showing how distances move in relation to the target - length, area, volume and indirect
  • Easily organize, document and transfer information using free Bosch apps (measure and document and floor plan), handy pocket-size design

Product description

Whether it's the upgraded backlight color display or Bluetooth technology that's compatible with both Bosch free apps (measure and document and floor plan), this is a laser measure that's ready for anything. The Bosch GLM 50 C packs a lot of functions, including the basics of real-time length, length, area, volume and indirect. All-around soft grip protection on the GLM 50 C helps the device last longer by protecting it from damage. The laser measure's easy-to-use keypad ensures quick operation and the illuminated display provides better readability of measurements. The GLM 50 C can generate up to 10,000 measurements per battery supply. Range is 165 ft./50 meters.

Bosch GLM 50 Laser Review: 

Laser measures are best if you want some accurate values. If you are still unaware of working of laser measure then you are far away from accuracy. You should try the laser measure to get the right values. These laser measure project beam on the target object and they help to get the extremely accurate value of the measurement. You have to follow all the instructions before using any device. If you are confused that which measuring device would be the best choice then just try Bosch GLM 50 Laser Measure and you will find that it is best as compare to another devices as well as from its predecessors. Here you will find that how this Bosch measure is best with lots of new things added to it as compared to its predecessors. 
These laser measures are best when you don't have any help or you are working all alone. These make everything easy for the person that is handling it but you have to follow instructions to avoid any damage from the laser beam. When you use tape measures then you need the help of another person to handle it but in case of laser measure there is no need of other person and you can handle everything on your own. There is no need to wait for other to hold it up. Before giving any judgments you need to know about full specs of its So read the Bosch GLM 50 Laser Review: 

Specs of Bosch GLM 50: 

Before using any device you need to know everything about that device. This will help you to make everything easy while using that device. So, it's important to read Bosch GLM 50 Laser Review. When you want to measure something then you need everything extremely accurate from one end to another. The Bosch GLM 50 is considered best among its stable mates because it gives the best accuracy and it has 165' rang. There are some full specs that you need to know: 17 It can measure around distance 165 ft. And you will get ./- 1/16 in. accuracy with this measuring device. 

To increase the visibility you will get backlighting in this device. It has upgraded color display as compared to predecessors. 

There is Bluetooth Functionality available for the users. 

It is built with inclinometer that helps to measures angles of slope or tilts and double indirect measurements. 
Users will get the threaded hole for clamp mounting as well as for tripod. 

Per battery supply, it will generate 10,000 measurements. 

You can carry it easily because of its handy pocket- size design. 

Transferring information is easy because of the Bosch apps. 

Users don't get any problem if they are working in dark areas because of its backlighting. 

It can serve users with length, area, volume and real-time length. 

Size of Bosch GLM 50 C: 

Every user wants something that is handy and easy to carry. This laser measure will surely fulfill your desire for easy handling. This Bosch GLM 50 is the little and compact in size. It measures around 4.2 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches and its weight is less than four ounces. What else you need regarding size because this is the best compact device for users. 
Its snug-fitting canvas case is best to protect the device and also it has Velcro closure flap with belt hook. You will get two AAA batteries, a wrist strap, and five target cards with it. To know more about it you will get instruction manually as well as a quick-start guide. It will help you to handle it properly. You need to read it properly before using it to avoid any kind of inconvenience. 

The Bosch GLM 50 -A Superior Display: 

If you will compare it with its predecessor Bosch GLM 40 then you will find not many changes in its appearance. But in their features, there is a huge difference. GLM 40 is an excellent tool for the user and it is of 135' range that is less than the Bosch GLM 50 measures. If you will see at first glance then you will not find any difference but don't judge it on the bases of the appearance because it is the package of new features. 

This new version will kick up laser measure at a new level. If we talk about the previous version then there was a problem with its display. Its clarity was not that much good. People find the problem because of its tiny display. But now the clarity of Bosch GM 50 is amazingly clear. Any person that has vision problem can also read the numbers because now they are large in size and bold. '


There is another interesting feature regarding display for users and that includes an auto-rotating display. With this feature, you will find it very convenient to rotate when you will place it down on the floor on its sides then this feature helps to keep its display upright. With the help of this users never face any problem to reading the display. This will be very helpful and it will avoid any incorrect measurement as well.

Other Important Features: 

All the new features of the Bosch GLM 50 are best for the architects, construction project managers, and all the engineers related to building trades. The Bosch GLM 50 Laser Review will help you to get better ideas about the device. These all-new features make it popular among people. 

There are some more features that you need to know about this device and these features include: •

There are nine available functions in this device that area, volume, wall area, length, and three indirect measurements. There is the FUNC button on it and if you will press it then you will get a circular display of all the available functions. 

There is another function with the help of which you can store up last 30 measurements. This feature is very helpful for all the people. 

With the help of default function, you will able to get numbers when you will move toward or away from your target. 


With the help of the Bosch GLM 50 , it is quite easy to determine the point the laser measures from. You will also get the flexibility to measure from a tripod. 

In the new feature, you will also get the inclinometer that will also help you to know that you have held the tool accurately or not You can also place it on any surface and it will measure everything accurately. 

There is the other added feature that is Bluetooth functionality. With the help of this function, it is easy to send the measurements to the Smartphone or your tablets. You will able to organize it easily because of this feature. This is the best to use this classic laser measure as compared to others because of its best features. Here from Bosch GLM 50 Laser Review you can get the better ideas about the device and it will surely help you. 

What is Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer?

Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer

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M.R.P.:   14,000.00 
Price:   8,700.00
FREE Delivery
You Save:   8001.00 (37%)
  • Color: Blue
  • Item Dimension: 198.12mm x 121.92mm x 50.04mm
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Range Finder with Batteries
  • 6 months warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Measuring distance extends to 165ft with 1/16th inch accuracy
  • Built-in inclinometer allows for advances features like angles, min/max, stake out and double indirect, functions include real-time length showing how distances move in relation to the target - length, area, volume and indirect
  • Easily organize, document and transfer information using free Bosch apps (measure and document and floor plan), handy pocket-size design


Are you tired of that cumbersome steel measure that is always threatening to cut you across your hand as you operate it? Than the Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer is here to take away that nightmare. The Measure uses latest laser technology to measure a variety of functions using the same tool including length, width, and volume among others. It is a nicely designed tool with an attractive blend of blue, red and black for colors and hard synthetic casing and accessories which we will review a bit later.

The laser measure is suitable for both professionals and first time users as it comes with a comprehensive manual which is easy to understand for any average person. It can be used for both simple and more complicated measurements which makes it suitable for anyone to use even at domestic level. The product is a must have in areas where measurements are taken often and are crucial to a particular project. It could range from a small girl wanting to put up wall paper in her room to a painter contracted to paint a whole warehouse.

That is how dynamic the uses are Some of the features that make this product a must buy include: 

A digital interface with an automated backlight that clearly shows the measurements being taken and which alerts you in case of any malfunctions It has a durable synthetic casing of blue and black complimented by red function buttons. Measures length, width, volume, continuous measurements and indirect length measurements. A belt pouch and shoulder strap Can be used to do measurements from the front, back or Centre of the room to be measured.

Measuring a room form the Centre will require a tripod which comes as an added accessory which you will have to pay for.

It is battery operated and comes with a set of two AAA batteries Let's explore why you would go for this product as opposed to any other similar tool. Multiple measuring functions You can use the tool to measure several dimensions as opposed to having several tools for different tasks. This may seem like no big deal at first but can you imagine the convenience of not having to move around every room taking various measurements but doing the same by just standing at one point? Ok now imagine a big project with several rooms to be measured. The difference is significant.

Saves time 
Related to the above a laser measure saves time given its multiple functions so you do not have to keep switching from measure to measure for different purposes. A one stop shop which will save you a considerable amount of time.

Easy to use 
The product design allows for easy access to all its functions which are elaborated in the manual that comes along with it. You could also get a simple tutorial from a more experienced person who has handled the same before.

It is durable 
The measure has a hard casing protecting it from damage especially since it is most likely to be used in a busy environment and shared among several people. All this was taken into consideration when designing the product so you are covered on that one There is also limited or no contact with hard surfaces that will scratch or damage your measure. It uses the laser rays to do the measurements as opposed to such traditional tools which would usually have to be held against the object being measured.

Competitive price 
Given the functionalities of the product and its guaranteed long life span it is a good deal and is relatively affordable across board. Battery operated It comes with a set of two AAA batteries that last a span of two hours. The fact that you do not have to power the device directly from an electric power source means that you can easily move around with it and use it almost anywhere. A set of fully charged batteries may be advisable especially at a busy site where several measurements are being taken over a long period of time Rechargeable batteries are recommended so you don't have to keep buying new ones.
The device has a warning signal when your batteries are about to die prompting you to replace the same. Preciseness The gadget only has an error of 1 5mm and this gives you precise measurements whose errors if at all are negligible and would not affect the overall task at hand, say buying paint to do a room. If the error was significantly bigger then may have led to incorrect budgets for materials to be used, say floor tiles. The tool can actually be said to give precise measurements.


The belt pouch and shoulder loop make it even easier to move the tool around while doing other tasks with your hands and only removing it when you need to use it Hard to reach areas The Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer can be used to take measurements even in areas that would otherwise be hard or impossible to reach like a room with items stacked against the wall. You will not have to move anything when using a laser measure. This also saves on human energy which can be used to do other things.

It is light This will not discourage you from carrying around as it does not FEEL heavy At 5 ounces it means it can also be carried conveniently with other tools without making much difference in terms of weight. Environmentally friendly The product has been tested and meets all environmental standards. It does not emit any harmful radiation or otherwise. Originality The design and standards of this tool make it highly improbable to make a counterfeit. You are assured that you are buying an original product.


There is hardly anything to say to deter you from buying the item. In exceptional cases you may find those kind of people who are generally old school and do not embrace any form of technology; it may be an uphill task for such people to operate the gadget let alone accept it in the first place. The digital aspect may also scare off first time users who are used to handling more manual equipment. Above all given the important role that measurements play in our day to day lives especially for various manual workers the Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer is a very ideal tool and would make a very good companion. Get one today from your nearest hardware store or online.


Architects whenever visit site they need to measure area to know accuracy of work of work going on there Manually or by traditional tools distance measuring is quite difficult and time consuming , so for that they need equipment which is reliable accurate and easily usable .BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER is perfect for-architects-who-visit site frequently band use laser measurement mainly in indoors.
BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER distance measurer is reliable because Bosch is renown brand in this field and manufacturing quality products from years. Bosch not only manufactures measures but also-offers digital-levels -rotatory-lasers -line-lasers ,point lasers , optical lasers and other measuring tools Users of Boschlasers are able to be more productive and profitable because of its great accuracy and line of various lasers. BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER Is best for architects ,those who want accuracy in their work as Bosch offers that accuracy and reliability to their users As Bosch has good track records which ensures reliable , efficient and quality products.
Features of BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER
1. Accuracy its accuracy 1.5 mm which is-more-than-enough for its user Bosch's products are known for its accuracy too As many company claims accuracy but few delivers it Bosch-GLM-50-is-a product which gives very accurate reading and is best for people who wants accuracy in their work.
2. Reliable it is reliable because company behind it is renowned for its reliable products Bosch manufactures quality laser As it-is-a-safe and excellent product for its users Bosch claims that it is jobsite It allows user to keep work simple
Easy to usebecause it comes with 5 measuring modes , 3 measuring reference points and accessories which are needed with it Its laser technology makes it easy operating and convenient for professional and non professional users
Ourableit is not only reliable product but is also durable because of its design and compact size It has soft grip around and soft buttons which makes it shock and drop proof up to certain height . It passed protection rating which approved it as dust and water proof product.
5. Reasonable price of it is pocket friendly Its reasonable price makes it best for users and for those who need durable and simple measuring laser for daily use on site In spite of being renowned company they kept its price reasonable and are offering high quality product at least price.
6. Backlit screenis like a support for its user because it helps in easy and convenient viewing This useful feature of Bosch GLM 50 Laser gives accurate and easy reading , specially in case of-low-or-no light. It has automatic deactivation feature to save power for long lasting results
7. Compact size it is light weighted and is small in size . Its compact size , slim and sleek design allows convenient carrying of it It is designed for professionals who want simple and durable laser measurer
BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER is a precision-laser measuring technology which measures up to the range of 50 meter with accuracy off.5 mm accuracy which is-more-than-enough for measurements that an architect needs. It has 5 measurement modes that is length -area ,-volume-continuous-measurement-and-indirect-length Apart from this it can also measure minimum or maximum , single indirect , double indirect stake out and angle This variant mode feature makes it versatile application for all its users As it can give reading of various direction up to the range of 50 meter which is quite big area for measurement pf interior In case of exterior it can be used in certain circumstances only
BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER has 3 measuring reference points which are from front of the unit , from back-of-the-unit , and from centre with optional tripod feature It also have automatic backlit display with 5 minutes automatic deactivation which saves energy and keeps it work for long hours This feature males it more useful in case of wide area measurements
It is a light weight application with compact and slim design It is a class 11 a laser product with more than 1 mw power output It has protection rating of IP 54 which makes it durable and long lasting even tough jobsites and conditions It has all round soft grip protection for long life and technical data protection It has round buttons with overlay of silicone to give best feel to its users . Its soft grip actually gives a feel that it can survive abuse and hard conditions too It is water resistant and drop resistant too up to 3 feet which makes it durable and long lasting application and is best for architects who need reliable and durable companion with them
Its compact size and light weight makes it carrying easy and hassle free for-architects-who-visits site regularly and for other users like interior designer , contractor For lover of simple and durable laser measurer Bosch GLM 50 laser is perfect as it has no so hi tech systems yet supports all kind of measures with large backlit which helps in getting result even in dim or no light
According to Bosch GLM50 laser is job site tested and is protected against dust and water. It is an useful and pocket friendly gadget for-architects-who-visits site on regular basis and wants accuracy in their work.
Bosch GLM 50 laserincludes a hand strap , 2 AAA batteries , quality tested belt pouch and manual booklet with it It has long lasting battery life and can be used at toughjobsite and conditions because of its exterior which is durable and long lasting Bosch laser comes with 6 months warranty which is applicable from date of invoice
BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER is for users who wants to work smarter and accurate In exterior if it is used with enhancement glass then it certainly it will help a lot and give almost accurate result. It is best suggested for user who needs laser measurer on daily basis
Bosch laser is good for all those users who don'twants to use more advance technology but goes for features which are easy to operate and gives accurate result in reasonable rate. It is actually an reliable companion for all dedicate and hardworking architects
BOSCH GLM 50 LAZER distance measurer is best if compared to other brands As Bosch offers what they claims , this product have more percentage of accuracy in comparison to other available laser measurer in market Bosch claims jobsite testing of product and it has IP 54 rating which makes it suitable for use in harsh and tough conditions of outdoor It has passed water and dust testing and is claimed shock and drop from 3 meter which is quite high for survival
It has all features which an architect needs in its application specially when they have to visit site regularly and have to work in rough conditions This product is for everyone because of its reasonable price which other companies doesn't not offers with all such features and such high quality Bosch is renowned from years for its high quality , durable and reliable products in this field

Bosch GLM 50 C Professional Laser Measure with Bluetooth and Backlight Display (Blue)

Bosch GLM 50 C Professional Laser Measure with Bluetooth and Backlight Display (Blue)

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M.R.P.:   14,000.00 
Price:   8.499.00
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You Save:   8001.00 (37%)
  • Color: Blue

  • Item Dimension: 198.12mm x 121.92mm x 50.04mm

  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Range Finder with Batteries

  • 6 months warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Measuring distance extends to 165ft with 1/16th inch accuracy
  • Built-in inclinometer allows for advances features like angles, min/max, stake out and double indirect, functions include real-time length showing how distances move in relation to the target - length, area, volume and indirect
  • Easily organize, document and transfer information using free Bosch apps (measure and document and floor plan), handy pocket-size design

Product description

Whether it's the upgraded backlight color display or Bluetooth technology that's compatible with both Bosch free apps (measure and document and floor plan), this is a laser measure that's ready for anything. The Bosch GLM 50 C packs a lot of functions, including the basics of real-time length, length, area, volume and indirect. All-around soft grip protection on the GLM 50 C helps the device last longer by protecting it from damage. The laser measure's easy-to-use keypad ensures quick operation and the illuminated display provides better readability of measurements. The GLM 50 C can generate up to 10,000 measurements per battery supply. Range is 165 ft./50 meters.

After reviewing 18 laser measures over the past three years, I think small refinements are now making the biggest splash. When Bosch introduced the economical and feature-rich GLM 50 C laser measure late last year, key selling points included a bold new display and intuitive menu navigation. I’ve been evaluating this laser for a couple of months, and I think it sets a new standard for ease of use.
The GLM 50 C can measure lengths from about 6 inches to 165 feet. It’s accurate to 1/16 inch and shows fractions down to 1/32 inch. The backlit display shows bold white numbers on a dark blue background instead of the usual black on white. This advanced display is easier to read in most interiors but can be harder to read in the bright outdoors. Given that these laser measures are mostly used indoors, that’s a reasonable trade off. The display can be set to rotate automatically for an easy read regardless of orientation.
The GLM 50 C offers many of the same functions as competing models. You can measure a distance by simply pointing and clicking, of course, or take a continuous reading while moving toward or away from a target and click when you’re ready to hold a measurement, which also freezes the minimum and maximum distance measured (Bosch calls this the “Real Time” mode). But the former is usually the default mode when you power up a laser measure, while the latter is usually a menu option. With the GLM 50 C, however, Real Time is the default mode so the laser more closely mimics a tape measure. In Real Time, you can also either display the numbers in a large font with the minimum and maximum measurements omitted for an easier read, or display them in a smaller font along with the minimum and maximum.
Bosch GLM 50C Professional Laser Distance MeasureThe GLM 50 C can also calculate square and cubic feet, add or subtract dimensions and calculations, and lay out a series of equal intervals. A built-in inclinometer provides digital leveling, but it also works in the background to make indirect vertical or horizontal measuring exceptionally easy where direct measurements are impractical or impossible. The laser’s memory stores the last 30 dimensions or calculations in order, and you can delete individual entries or the entire memory.
During my target practice, I seemed to burn through the two included AAA alkaline batteries in a hurry. Switching to AAA lithium batteries would probably help. Too bad the device isn’t powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, like the longer-range Bosch GLM 100 C.

The two revolving menus are exceptionally easy to access and navigate.
Bruce GreenlawThe two revolving menus are exceptionally easy to access and navigate.
Unlike the other deluxe laser measures I’ve tested, the new GLM 50 C is a joy to navigate. Other than the measuring reference button (which sets the device to measure from the front, the back, or the tripod socket) and the Bluetooth button, all basic settings and measuring functions live under the function button. Quickly press and release this button, and you pull up a revolving menu that shows the measurement options plus the memory. You cycle through this menu by pressing the + or –buttons, then select the mode you want by hitting the function or measure button. Press the function button for about a second instead, and another revolving menu appears that allows you to, for instance, turn on the bold Real Time display or switch the units of measurement to metric.
Thankfully, there is only one button combination required; while viewing the memory, you can wipe it clean by quickly pressing and releasing the clear/on/off button while holding down the measuring reference button.

Thanks to a Bluetooth Smart module and two free Bosch apps, the GLM 50 C can pair with mobile devices to expand its capabilities.
BoschThanks to a Bluetooth Smart module and two free Bosch apps, the GLM 50 C can pair with mobile devices to expand its capabilities.
Bosch offers two free apps that allow the laser to interact with compatible iOS and Android devices. I downloaded the “GLM measure&document” app with my iPhone 6 and gave it a workout (stay tuned for a review of the “GLM floor plan” app, which works with tablets only). The Bosch manual doesn’t address the two apps, so I learned this one on the fly, tapping the help icons for more information.
The GLM measure & document app can manage your measurements in various ways. For instance, you can quickly transfer the laser’s memory to your mobile device, where you can delete or name individual measurements, perform calculations, and email the edited list as an Excel spreadsheet. Raising the bar, you can create and name a project folder, snap one or more photos with your mobile device, draw dimension lines on the photos with a finger, and then shoot the measurements with the laser measure. Follow the simple rules, and the app automatically places these measurements next to the appropriate dimension lines while also listing them under a separate tab. You can also drop text and audio memos into each photo, where they appear as virtual Post-it notes. When you’re ready, you can email a PDF of the project that includes everything but your audio memos. You can even insert your company logo and address in there. I created several test projects and emailed the PDFs and spreadsheets to my laptop, which was easy. You can also email the labeled photos or the measurement list separately.
I did encounter a couple of minor glitches with this app. For instance, it showed 5’4” as 5’3”1. Also, the app’s calculator defaults to metric during some operations.
I wish the Bosch GLM 50 C had a rechargeable battery, and you need to make sure you press the buttons firmly to register all of your entries. But this laser measure is a breeze to use, offers all the measuring functions I can imagine needing, and has a Bluetooth module that makes it easier to manage and share measurements. The standard Rs. 8850.00 price tag would work for me, but the laser currently costs even less at
Power: two AAA batteries

  • Range: 6 inches to 165 feet
  • Accuracy: ± 1/16 inch
  • Smallest fraction: 1/32 inch
  • Price: Rs. 8850.00
  • Included in kit: two AAA batteries, hand strap, belt pouch, target cards
  • Warranty: 1 year (2 years if registered), 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Best Buy: 

  • Bosch GLM Laser Distance Measurer

    Bosch GLM Laser Distance Measurer:

    The Bosch GLM 40 Laser Distance Measurer is designed with the brand's patented technology for precision laser measuring. It is a handy device that gives an instant measurement of distance, volume, and area This tool has a range of 40 meters and it comes with an option for measuring in feet or meters. It has an accuracy of .02mm/m which makes it perfect for both household and professional measurements.

    This tool has a built in memory that stores the last 10 measurements and various utility functions. It is compact and fits easily into a pocket. Not only is it made from durable, long-lasting materials, but it is also splash proof and has dust protection which makes it ideal to use in all kinds of environments.

    The Super-Efficient Laser Measurement Device From Bosch Measuring has never been this simple. This device makes it super easy to put together your wardrobes, chests, and tables. The pocket-sized tool allows you to measure like a pro thanks to the engineer's precision from Bosch. The Bosch GLM Laser Distance Measurer is the ultimate laser measuring tool that gives you accurate results within large areas in the range of 0.5m to 40m.

    The sleek and smart construct from the well-known brand makes this tool the best choice when working on any home installation tasks. It allows you to take measurements at the click of a button. This device is strong and built to last. It comes with a simple and easy to use interface and has a long battery life. Bosch GLM Laser Distance Measurer Device Features Functionality This tool from Bosch works with the utmost ease.

    It displays results that are accurate and is ideal for working on interior projects. It's also extremely easy to use When measuring the length of an area, just position the GLM 40 Laser Measure and then click the red button in the center of the device. For continuous measurement, simply move the device up to the required length to achieve the desired results. The same process applies when measuring area and volume.

    Once you get the result, you can add or subtract the next measurement using the device's addition or subtraction function. Alternately, you can scroll up or down using the +/- buttons. This tool has an IP54 rating and a carry on facility which makes it an excellent choice for all your measuring tasks. Battery Life This product from a leading manufacturer has laser technology precision and offers an amazing battery life which can last for about 5,000 individual measurements.

    Compact and Smart Design This pocket-sized laser measuring tool takes the stress out of your measurements of DIY assemblies. In addition to being small and convenient to carry, this unit is also designed with a soft grip for easy handling. The soft grip and portable size of this device offer great flexibility when working on projects. In addition to that, it has a three line display feature which ensures that readability and review of results is hassle free.

    The smart design and compact size together make calculating dimensions a one person job. Rugged and Durable The Bosch XLM Laser Distance Measurer has dust resistant features as well as splash water protection. The ISO certification awarded to this Bosch product speaks to the high quality of its construction and highlights its trustworthy and reliable service in the market.

    Memory function When you're working for long hours, building or renovating, and continuously measuring, sometimes it's possible to forget to write down measurements, which makes your job more tedious and time consuming when you have to redo everything. With the Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measuring Tool, you will be able to access 10 of the last measurements that you made on the device. Just click on the button labeled 'Fund and you will be guided to the measurement that was saved last on the device. After that, just use the scroll function to view any of the other measurements.

    Mounting Cupboards Has Never Been Easier! This device is user friendly and ideal for taking perfect measurements of your walls when you want to fix storage cupboards to the wall. The precision of this tool allows for accurate horizontal line measurements for your projects and serves as a guide when you hang your cupboards. Setting Up An Air Conditioner Is A Breeze Before you get lost in the old way of measuring, use this handy tool to save yourself some time and energy.

    It offers an easy and accurate solution for measuring your room size to install an AC. Traditional methods of measuring for AC unit installation tend to be a little frustrating sometimes, but with the Bosch GLM 40 at your disposal, you will find that measuring the size of your room and installing your air conditioner at the ideal height is a breeze.

    Wallpapering In An Instant The GLM 40 laser measuring tool lets you determine the height of your walls from the floor to the ceiling as well as the length of each wall instantly. You can have the measurements noted in a jiffy. This makes it quick and easy to select your wallpaper based on your wall dimensions.

    Bosch XLM Laser Distance Measurer An Ever Improving Design The GLM 40 from Bosch is a creation that has managed to keep the simplicity of the GLM 15 that everyone loved while introducing some improved features that make it even more convenient to use such as the backlit display. Bosch introduced various new laser products at the World of Concrete. While they didn't come right out and say it, the implication was that they intended to be a major player when it comes to the job site laser sector.

    After the GLM 15 Laser Distance Measure came the GLM 35 and then the GLM 40, both of which exhibited vastly improved features on the GLM 15 which has a one-button use and only one function of simply measuring the distance from one point to another. The Bosch 40 has built on that compact platform, increasing the range while at the same time adding volume, area, and indirect measurements.

    First Impressions of the Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure The Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure is delivered in a clamshell package. It comes with the two AAA batteries that are required. It hasenhanced housing as compared to the previous versions and comes with five buttons for improved use (as opposed to the one button found on the GLM 15). The GLM 40 also has rubber overmold around the sides, top, and the control panel which is great for protecting the device in case you should drop it, although it could be better if the overmold was extended around all of the edges of the device.

    The housing of the GLM 40 has a slightly bigger footprint in length, height, and width but it's still very manageable and easy to handle while measuring. The extra added features in the GLM 40 make it more attractive to pro users. It has some useful additions such as a sheath with a belt loop and a lanyard (a useful feature which isn't in the GLM 35). The lanyard loops into the bottom left corner and it is not as obvious as some lanyard holes.

    This tool also comes with a target card and a name sticker, the inclusion of which is something that many may appreciate. Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure: Specs and Features A lot of improvements have been made to this new Bosch laser measure. The GLM 40 has a range that goes up to 135 feet and the accuracy is improved from the previous versions. The precision of this tool now allows you to read results to the nearest 1/32' as opposed to 1/16'. With this increase in accuracy will certainly come more confidence in cabinetry, countertop, and woodworking applicatoins.

    The GLM 40 also features a backlit screen which greatly improves visibility when working in dim conditions. Product Specifications and Technical Data - Bosch GLM 40 - Power Source: 2 x AAA batteries- Range: up to 135 feet- Accuracy: 1/16, Precision: 1/32% Measurements: Continuous distance, length, volume, area, addition, and subtraction- Memory Storage: Ten measurements- Dust/Water Protection: IP54- Run Time 4 hours- Weight: 022 lb- Warranty: 2 years- It Comes With:A Pouch, Hand Strap, Manual, Hand Strap, and 2 x AAA batteries Using the Advanced Features of the GLM 40 Laser Measure Taking measurements for basic distance with the Bosch GLM 40 is extremely easy.

    Simply turn the unit on using the power button and then press the red arrow to take the measurement. Continue with the process in order to hold up to three measurements on screen. The GLM 40 model is calibrated to measure starting from the back of the device, just like all laser measures available on the market today. This tool is very simple to operate and the learning curve is short. Finding volume, area and indirect measurement is easy and the majority of users will be able to do this without having to consult the manual.

    Advanced Functions: As soon as you turn the unit on, it goes into continuous measure mod. You can scroll through the functions using the function button. There is a helpful icon that you will see on the screen to let you know which function you're on As you press the button, you will be able to move through the five various functions which are Continuous measure (this is the one that is on at startup), linear distance (you will see this one without continuous measure on), volume, area, and indirect measurement.

    In order to eliminate guesswork, the GLM 40 flashes the measurement that you're taking in volume, area, as well as indirect modes. Just press the red arrow button if you want to turn the laser dot on and take your measurement. That's all there is to using this handy little device. Included in the Package: - Pouch- Hand Strap- Target Cards- 2 x AAA batteries- Manual Pros of the Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure - Length, Distance, Volume, Area, Continuous Measurement, Addition and Subtraction- Stores up to ten measurement, Backlit screen for increased visibility- Pocket sized for easy access and use anywhere Cons of the Bosch GLM 40 Laser Measure.

    There aren't any negative things to say about the Bosch XLM Laser Distance Measurer as of yet, even the online reviews from actual customers are mostly positive. What Customers are Saying: "I don't know how I ever managed to get things done before I bought this product. My job requires that I do lots of estimates for my crew, so I find that a lot of my time is saved thanks to the feature which allows me to add measurements.

    At first, I was a little skeptical of the accuracy of this device, but after using it for some time, lye found that it's much better than tape measures, particularly over longer distances where tape rules can bend.' "I used to measure house dimensions using a huge rolling wheel. Once I got this Bosch, things became so much easier form. It's a great tool for fast and easy measuring and I really love the back light which makes it easy to read the measurements.

    Great unit that comes at a great price.' °I am a Steamfitter and I bought this device a while ago since I do a lot of work on my own, and it has proven to be quite accurate. The measurements are good enough to give to a welder to build. I especially like the fact that the unit measures from the back and it's durable enough to survive dust and water, and even being dropped!'

    In Conclusion The bottom line is that the Bosch GLM Laser Distance Measurer allows for comfortable handling and navigation. It generates accurate length, volume, area, continuous, and simple Pythagoras measurement. It has an ergonomic design which makes this product conveniently easy to carry around and use anywhere. It also has dust and water resistant qualities, meaning that you can safely use it in all kinds of conditions. All in all, whether you're a professional craftsman or a beginner with a new DIY to-do list, this is the ideal tool for you to get started with.

    Which is the Best Air Blower in India for Dust Cleaning (Jakmister, Cheston, Bosch, Stanley Air blowers)?

    Air blowers:

    Air blower is used for evacuating dusts and small particles out of small crevices and spaces. Those spaces which are difficult to reach. Its for people who hate specks of dust and filth around.  The dust blower is useful for ultra cleaning of your home. With high power and efficiency these air blower are multiple use and flexible in use. The blower has got dual function of cleaning and dusting. There is speed control and easy to change carbon brush which makes cleaning much more easy. Its light weight ergonomic handle design make it versatile and compatible to your needs .

    Types of air blower:

    There are many different types of air blowers available in the market. These are designed as per the user's convenience and use.

    For cleaning purpose there are two types of air blowers dust blowers, leaf blowers. The blowers we use for cleaning purpose are centrifugal blowers. These are high speed blades to provide ample velocity to the flowing air.  Blade orientations vary in each type. Blade orientations are curved , backward , forward , and radial. Fan speed can be varied by adjusting resizing sheaves using speed drives. Wattages: 500W, 600W, 700W

    Where to buy air blowers online :

    Different types of air blowers are available online. Various e retail ventures,, are major online stores to purchase air blowers online. Discounts are also available. Different payment options with minimal delivery cost also provide extra benefits for online shopping of air blowers.

    Jakmister Air Blower 500W
    Air Blower 500w

    How to use air blower and dust bag : It is very easy to use every type of dust blowers. These are easily adjustable and can be manipulated with buttons and switches available on the device. These are used to clean PCs , outdoors , and small sofa crevices which are often difficult to reach. These even help you discover several small stuff like hair pins ,coins etcwhich get trapped in the sofa crevices. The dust bag is provided to collect dust while cleaning. This can be easily discarded later on.

    Different wattages in air blower: Air blowers are available in different wattages to maximize the working. It comes from 200 watt upto 700 watts. It is very safe and compatible as per domestic use. These have both cordless and corded types which make them perfect for short and long distance usage.

    Jakmister Air Blower 600W
    Air blower 600W
    There are several main attributes of the blower :

    Blower blade : Forward curved or Backward inclined are blades in general used in centrifugal blowers. The Forward curved blades are more significant as they move more air . Backward blades are lower in efficiency. Radial blades are also used in the air blowers which have neither forward or backward inclination , thus these are auto cleaning attribute which promote cleaning of dirt automatically.

    Flow range :  The amount of air which blows through cubit meter area per minute (cbm/min) is flow range of air blower.

    Features: Diffusers, louvers, dampers etc are available option to select from.
    These are main attributes to check while buying air blowers.

    Dust blower: This helps you clean crevices and smaller areas which are difficult to reach in general. Example inside computer chassis there are many places which difficult to clean mechanically by hands or any duster. There are portable blower of 600- 700 watt which are flexible and easy to use and handle.

    Leaf blower : In windy or stormy weather many times leaves from garden enter your room , halls or outdoor areas , these are often difficult to clean and manage. Therefore it is necessary to have something to quickly get rid of these leaves without much hassle. So in such a situation leaf blowers are the best option.There are many variations in this outdoor equipment.  Cordless, gas, hybrid, electric are few categories of leaf blowers.  On the basis of handling the blowers are backpack blower, walk behind blower, handheld blower, and vacuum blower.

    Electrex model blower: It’s a light weighed electric model blower.

    Chinese model blower: These are generally used in spa. 200 watt and above watts are available.
     Jakmister Air Blower 600W with Vacuum Images:
    Jakmister Air Blower 600W with Vacuum
    Blower with vacuum 600W

    Best companies and brands in air blower :

    There are many brands available online to shop air blower in India.
    So let's look what each has got to offer.

    Watch the Video for Jakmister Air Blower 500W:


    Jakmister (4.8-Stars): This company has well designed air blowers at INR 500 – 800. These are aptly perfect for kitchen and home. These can be bought from amazon. To clean car dust, electrical gadgets, gas stoves, and computer dust this brand provides best quality air blowers.  Air blowers from this brand are light weighed and with ergonomic handle design. This company also provides 6 months of warranty. Easily changing carbon brush and advanced technology make this a great deal. Various users have great results with air blower. You must try it out for new generation easy cleaning. The Best Air Blowers.

    Other Options in Jakmister:



    Bosch (3 Stars): This is yet another brand which gives you high quality air blowers at feasible prices. Air blowers are light weighed , with high air flow and convenient to use. Warranty of 6-9 months is also available on every purchase. Its quite Expensive as compared to others

    Stanley (3.4-Stars): This is another trusted brand for buying air blowers. With optimum power consumption and maximum efficiency the air blowers fro this brand air blowers  helps you clean dust effectively. Warranty and feasible prices are another key features of this brand. Air blowers are available in both corded and cordless variations with a subtle difference in prices. This is also little expensive.

    Various uses of air blower:

      Air Blower

    1. Computer sachets: Many times there have been times when you didn’t clean your computer shelf for weeks. Just to avoid the hassle. So here is a quick solution to your daily needs of ultra cleaning in quick way.
    2. Outlets : Its been long windy day , and you have just entered in your home. Your garden area and front door entrance is messed up with the leaves and dust. Now, here comes air blower in picture just switch it on and you can easily clean your outlet in few seconds without wasting much energy.
    3. Sofa and Dining area : Cleaning furniture is really a tough job. Reaching to those dusty crevices. Getting out dirt is always a complex task. So give yourself a cool deep breath now , because now you have easy solution to clean your sofa , just switch on the air blower and you are ready to go. Air blowers are designed with nozzle to reach smaller crevices. Place your order now to make your cleaning and dusting experience easier and fun.
    4. Bedrooms : To get dust out of your mattress , in your bedrooms this is the best product you can spend on.
    5. Cars : Car cleaning and dusting is always a weekend task. But with air blower now you can easily clean your car seats and doormats easily everyday. So place your order now for easier dusting solutions.
    6. Carpets : carpets are heavy and its always a difficult to get dirt out of them. Often the carpet cleaning task is held on weekends. It’s a procrastination job. If you opt to give your carpet for a laundry cleaning it may cost you heavy charges. So what's the solution for easy , time saving and economical cleaning of your carpet? Its air and dust blower. With these dust blowers you can easily pull out dust from carpet. With dust blowers you can clean your carpet on daily basis. It is time saving and feasible option. It increases longevity of your carpet.
    7. Curtains : These are important part of your home decor. Untidy and dusty curtains destroy the interior of your home. Therefore these dust blowers is best option to make your curtains look dust free and shining. With this you can easily clean your curtains daily within few minutes. This will save cost of heavy laundry cleaning. It is easy and handy solution. If the curtains you are using are blackout curtains then task of getting dirt and dust out of them is more complex. In this case dust blowers can be a boon. Use dust blowers and your task becomes easy. 

    Best Buy Amazon Links: 500W, 600W, Blower With Vacuum